WiFi + 4G onBoard

 Complete set for WiFi and 4G connectivity on board


WiFi+4G onBoard in a complete all-in-one system that allows Internet connectivity from a nearby WiFi hotspot or cellular network with up to 4G speed, and to share it wirelessly through the built-in hotspot or through Ethernet. The receiver auto-switches between WiFi signal and cellular data to maintain Internet connectivity up to 20 Miles from the coast.
The hotspot allows up to 50 WiFi users simultaneous connections and offers the possibility to assign a private password to restrict the access to unknown users.

WiFi + 4G onBoard can be completely managed wirelessly with a smartphone, tablet or laptop through a web browser interface. No additional cables or drivers are required.

WiFi+4G onBoard includes a professional high-speed router, a 4dB external waterproof 4G antenna, and a high power 10dB external waterproof WiFi antenna. It requires a data-only SIM card (not included in the package) with possibility of a second SIM card (optional).



Router model Sea-Hub plus is a rugged and durable professional 4G/LTE Dual SIM cellular router with advanced WiFi, Ethernet and industrial grade networking functionality support. Quick to deploy and easy to manage. The router is equipped with Dual-SIM, 4 x Ethernet interfaces and WiFi. Device is designed as Main/Backup Internet source and can guarantee reliable Internet connection with high data throughput and data redundancy. It comes with RutOS software and security features such as multiple VPN services, Firewall, Hotspot, Auto Failover, Load Balancing, SMS control and RMS support (Remote Management System).


RMS is a client-server based system, which provides the possibility to access the router remotely even without the use of a public IP address. In this way it’s quite easy to track the history of various status changes such as device temperature, mobile signal quality and data usage, making sure that no information is lost over time.

For additional info regarding the router please read the following documentation: Router technical specifications

For additional info regarding the 4G antenna please visit the specific page on our website: read more

For additional info regarding the WiFi antenna please visit the specific page on our website: read more



1 x 4G/LTE + WiFi Router
1 x WiFi antenna 10 dB
1 x 4G antenna 4 dB
1 x EU power supply 9 VDC



Item WiFi + 4G onBoard


Cables, connectors and mounts to be purchased separately according to the installation type. Please see Accessories list below for your reference with links to the product pages.



Item Description Page
MA-1 Router DIN rail kit Link
MA-2 Router compact DIN rail kit Link
MA-3 Router surface mounting kit Link
PI-3 Cigarette lighter power supply for Sea-Hub plus Link
PI-4 Power cable with 4-way screw terminal for Sea-Hub plus Link
PA-44 Adaptor 1”x14 thread 90mm (3.5”) Link
PA-40 Stainless steel marine mount Link
PA-30 Four way stainless steel ratchet mount Link
CA-1 Pigtail 15 cm RG-58 N female/SMA male Link
CA-2 Pigtail 15 cm RG-58 N female/SMA male RP Link
CA-3 Cable type LMR-400 N male/N male 1 m Link
CA-4 Cable type LMR-400 N male/N male 3 m Link
CA-5 Cable type LMR-400 N male/N male 5 m Link
CA-6 Cable type LMR-400 N male/N male 7 m Link
CA-7 Cable type LMR-400 N male/N male 10 m Link
CA-8 Cable type LMR-400 N male/N male 15 m Link


Additional documentation regarding the system can be downloaded following the links below.


Quick start guide
Router technical specifications
Powering options
Installation scheme