SCOUT was founded in Carpi (Modena) in 1982, starting as a small workplace for the production of marine antennas for professional use. Through the years the gained experience and the strengthening of the brand on the market led the Company to an increase of its range of products, addressed also to other sectors. Nowadays SCOUT produces and sells transceiver antennas for professional use in the Nautical Sector (pleasure crafts – fishing – military), Mobile and Base (taxi – ambulance – police – civil defence) and in the Security Sector (radio alarm – vigilance – telecontrols). The complete production is made in Italy, in the premises of Soliera (province of Modena), and is distinguished by the handcrafted care of the products in each step of the realization process.
All along the characteristics of SCOUT antennas are:



All the materials used in the production are selected from the best on the market, to guarantee reliable antennas for every kind of use. All the whips, the cables, the connectors, and all other components are carefully selected to obtain top quality antennas with high reception and power transmission, great shielding, high resistance in all circumstances, and exceptional resonance. Each single antenna has to fulfill all the standards to pass the quality check, in order to reach and assure the very high SCOUT qualitative level.



An essential element of the product Made in Italy is the great care for design. All our antennas are designed with a special attention for the “cut” and for the stylistic details: all the componentes are made thinking of the end product functionality and aesthetics. SCOUT antennas are characterized by a special paint with anti-UV filter to let the antenna shine a long time and to avoid the deterioration of the colouring. Antennas that are reliable to use and also nice to look at.



The high flexibility of the productive process gives our Company the chance to offer extremely convenient and competitive prices on the market. Moreover the after sales assistance for all our products is always ready and quick to assist the customer at best. These factors give SCOUT antennas a convenience that is top of the market.


The experience, the great versatility, the quality of all the materials, the great care for the design, the constant attention to the market requirements, the technological innovation and the outstanding quality/price ratio make SCOUT a trustworthy and convenient partner for professionals.