4 dBi wideband 3G/4G/5G antenna d. 11 cm (4″)


The new Scout Sea-Connect wideband antenna provides coverage for 3G/4G/5G and WLAN systems in a compact and waterproof design, ideal for any type of boat. Excellent performance with VSWR less than 1.5:1 in all 3G, 4G and 5G bands.

With all these properties the Sea-Connect is the perfect external antenna to link to a 3G/4G/5G router on board, enabling internet connectivity on board also during the navigation on the open sea.



The frequencies supported are 698-4000 MHz covering all major bands: 5G, 4G, 3G, AWS, LTE, CLR, DCS, IMT, ISM, PCS, WCDMA, WCS, WiFi, WiMax, Cellular.

Easy to install both on standard 1″ x 14 threaded mount model PA-40 and on deck  as a permanent, through-hole mount solution (onto a non-metal surface or enclosure). The UV stable casing provides outstanding corrosion resistance in the harshest environments. The antenna terminates in an N type female connector.

Suggested coaxial cable for the installation: LMR-400 or similar.

  • Full Band (698 – 2700 MHz)
  • Excellent performance in all 3G and 4G bands
  • Designed for marine use
  • Omni-directional antenna 4 dBi Gain
  • Easy to install (mount/deck)


Technical specifications:

Frequency Range 698-4000 Mhz
V.S.W.R. ≤1.7
Polarization Vertical
Gain 4 dBi
Horizontal Beamwidth 360°
Input impedance 50 ohm
Max power 100W
Antenna diameter 11 cm (4″)
DC Ground Yes
Connector N female
 Code PF AN NWB01


Sea-Connect User Instructions