802.11b/g/n outdoor access point, repeater, client


The ROCKET is the all-in-one device that performs every wireless functions you will ever need. By matching a passive 2.4 GHz antenna, such as the Scout KS-61, and an Ethernet cable the ROCKET can be configured to receive and transmit WiFi signals from any remote area within range and to operate in several modes:

Client Mode, to receive the WiFi signal and exports it to the Ethernet port of your laptop.

Access Point Mode, to create a powerful, secure wireless network by simply connecting to one of the LAN ports on your existing router, providing Internet connectivity for numerous wireless devices aboard the boat.

Bridge Mode, in which two of the devices are used to form a seamless point to point link at a distance of several miles.

Repeater Mode, to receive another wireless radio, and rebroadcast it with another broadcast signal name (SSID) or with the same SSID.


There is no software to install, no drivers, and no power robbing USB connections. The ROCKET is powered via POE (Power-Over-Ethernet), just use the included power injector and it has power and data transmitted over CAT-5 cabling. With its incredible 500mW output power, the ROCKET is the best high power wireless tool designed.

  • 500mW RF power output
  • Designed for marine environment
  • No software required
  • Standard CAT-5 Ethernet connection


Technical specifications:

 Standard  IEEE 802.11b/g/n
 MAC/BB Processor  AR9331
 Frequency Band  2.4GHz ISM Band
 Data Rate  802.11bg: Up to 54Mbps  802.11n: Up to 150Mbps
 Transmitter Power  Up to 500mW
 Receive Sensitivity  -91dBm@802.11n / -95dBm@802.11bg
 Antenna  N male connector
 Security  WPA, WPA2
 Power  PoE 12V / 1A (up to 18V)
 Code  PF AN NWIFI03


 Quick User Guide
 Advanced User Manual
 How to combine Rocket and Sea-Hub