Four way solid nylon ratchet mount


The PA-3 mount is designed for installing the antenna on horizontal, inclined and vertical surfaces, thanks to its 4-way adjustment that allows it to tilt the antenna in the correct way. Constructed in UV-resistant reinforced nylon, it allows the antenna to fold down with a simple release of the snap handle. Assembled with A4 stainless steel screws and bolts, it guarantees extraordinary durability and high resistance to rust and salt.



The PA-3 base has a specific slot for the passage of the cable that allows the use of cables with pre-installed connectors. The 6.5 mm wide passage is ideal for coaxial cables such as RG-58, RG-59 and similar.



In addition, the PA-3 base has a safety locking key for the cable passage, which guarantees further strength and completeness. The PA-3 base is ideal for mounting all marine antennas with standard 1 “x 14 threads, including all QuickFit range antennas.



Technical specifications:

 Material  UV resistant nylon
 Screws and bolts  Inox A4
 Weight  390 g
 Code  PF AC NBASE001



1 x Mount
1 x Rubber gasket



Mounting template
Cable slot scheme