KS-124 Black Edition

AM-FM fiberglass antenna 2,4 m (8′) length – Black


The KS-124 Black Edition is designed to pick up AM-FM radio signals also during navigation and in extreme weather conditions. It is built with a heavy duty 1,5 mm thick fiberglass whip that gets fully foam injected with the special Scout 100% waterproof technique.


The antenna is supplied together with a 6 m (20’) AM-FM cable + jack. The KS-124 Black Edition looks the same than the KS-42 Black Editon and KS-43 Black Edition (VHF antennas), to balance the appearance on the boat.


  • Foam injected – 100% WATERPROOF – IP69
  • 4 m AM-FM cable + jack supplied



Technical specifications:

 Frequency  88-108 MHz
 Impedance  75 ohm
 Electrical length  1/2 λ
 Whip material  Fiberglass
 Cable  4 m AM-FM cable + jack
 Mounting  1″ x 14 thread
 Length  2,4 m (8′)
 Weight  0,86 kilo
 Code  PF AN NAMFM009