KS-115 Black Edition

AM-FM fiberglass antenna 1,5 m (5′) length – Black


The KS-115 Black Edition is designed to stay tuned with the radio stations also during your navigation, in order to be able to listen to music and news. It is built with a 1,4 mm thick fiberglass whip that gets fully foam injected with the special Scout 100% waterproof technique.
The antenna is supplied together with a 4 m (13’) AM-FM cable + jack. The KS-115 Black Edition looks the same than the KS-22 Black Edition (VHF antenna), to balance the appearance on the boat.


  • Foam injected – 100% WATERPROOF – IP69
  • 4 m AM-FM cable + jack supplied


Technical specifications:

 Frequency  88-108 MHz
 Impedance  75 ohm
 Electrical length  1/2 λ
 Whip material  Fiberglass
 Cable  4 m AM-FM cable + jack
 Mounting  1″ x 14 thread
 Length  1,5 m (5′)
 Weight  0,42 kilo
 Code  PF AN NAMFM006