1/2 λ UHF Antenna N connector


The KM-3U/N antenna is specifically designed to be installed on top of alarm boxes or on a stand-off bracket, to transmit and receive the alarm signal.

Quick and simple to install with its N connector. The antenna doesn’t require a ground plane, therefore it could be used for many kinds of applications.


  • N male connector
  • 1/4 λ
  • Stainless steel whip
  • Ground plane not required


Technical specifications:

 Frequency  450-470 MHz
 Impedance  50 ohm
 Electrical length  1/2 λ
 V.S.W.R.  <1,5:1
 Polarization  Vertical
 Gain  3 dB ISO
 Max power in  100 W
 Bandwidth  20 MHz
 Whip material  Stainless steel
 Dimensions  d. 20 x 38 cm
 Weight  76 gr
 Connector  N male
 Code  PF AN SUHF001