KM-22 BS

3 dB VHF fiberglass antenna 1,5 m (5′) length – lift and lay mount


Premium quality, easy set up and quick lay down. The lift and lay mount makes it possible with an easy release. Indicated for fishing, trailering, coverage and storage. The special paint with anti-UV filter avoids the deterioration of the colouring and keeps the whip shining white.

The new vinyl plastic cap, navy blue, provides a quality, finished appearance to the antenna and it’s extremely resistant to high temperatures. Now 100% WATERPROOF.


  • Lift and lay mount supplied with the antenna
  • Anti – UV high gloss finish
  • 100% WATERPROOF Antenna
  • Base Lift and Lay inclusa con nell’antenna
  • 5 m coaxial cable RG 58 CU MIL


Technical specifications:

 Frequency  156-162 MHz
 Impedance  50 ohm
 Electrical length  1/2 λ
 V.S.W.R.  < 1,5:1
 Polarization  Vertical
 Gain  3 dB
 Max power input  50 W
 DC ground  Yes
 Whip material  Fiberglass
 Coaxial cable  5 m (16′) RG 58 CU MIL
 Mounting  Lift and lay mount
 Length  1,5 (5′) m
 Weight  0,55 kilo
 Code  PF AN NVHF00005