Dual band stainless steel Antenna


The KB-12 is a dual band mobile antenna designed for both professional use and leisure. Its resistant and flexible whip combined with the care in the assebly make the KB-12 a high performing antenna for every type of use.


  • Dual band 1/4 λ VHF + 5/8 λ UHF
  • Stainless steel whip
  • 4,5 m RG 58 CU MIL coaxial cable


Technical specifications:

 Frequency  145-430 MHz
 Impedance  50 ohm
 Electrical length  1/4 λ VHF + 5/8 λ UHF
 V.S.W.R.  1,5:1 or less
 Polarization  Vertical
 Gain  0 dB
 Max power in  100 W
 Whip material  Stainless steel
 Mount material  Chrome brass
 Coaxial cable  4,5 m RG 58 CU MIL
 Mounting hole  d. 22 mm
 Length  49 cm
 Code  PF AN VDUAL01