5G onBoard Compact

 Advanced 5G/WiFi Connectivity System with SIM Extender


The 5G onBoard Compact is the all-in-one super-fast speed Internet system for boats that provides 5G connectivity for up to 150 users simultaneously. It brings all the technical features of the 5G onBoard Plus into a single dome (25 cm Ø) that provides both wireless and wired Internet signal and is remotely activated by the Scout SIM Extender. Thanks to the SIM Extender it doensn’t matter where the dome is located, the connection with the SIM card is guaranteed by a standard Ethernet cable RJ45 that can reach up to 100 meters providing the SIM data info without any signal loss. Moreover, the dome provides an additional LAN Ethernet cable to build a wired network inside the boat (suggested for larger boats and aluminium boats).

The SIM Extender can be placed in a position convenient for the user to insert the SIM card and does not require any power cable as it gets power directly through the Ethernet cable. Thanks to Scout SIM Extender it is no longer necessary to access the on-board router to manage the SIM card, this is a particularly useful advantage especially when the Dome is located in a place that is difficult to access. Furthermore thanks to it it’s possible to quickly replace the SIM card when travelling abroad, always using the most suitable SIM card for data consumption and for optimal connectivity. With Scout SIM Extender a more efficient and high-performance planning of the on-board Internet system is possible, thanks to the elimination of radio frequency cables on which the greatest signal losses occur.


The 5G onBoard Compact equips 4 antennas 5G, MIMO technology, carrier aggregation, Cat 20 up to 3.3 Gbps, dual-band WiFi at 2.4/5 GHz and it’s managed in wireless mode by a user-friendly app available both for iOS (Apple) and Android (or in wired mode through the LAN Ethernet cable). The 5G onBoard Compact is a plug&play system, it only requires a 12V power cable for operation (included), while the indoor unit of the SIM Extender (SIM injector) is powered directly by the Ethernet cable that links it to the dome.



Thanks to the 4 powerful 5G antennas contained inside the dome, the 5G onBoard Compact allows you to stay connected to the 5G network up to 20 miles away from the coast. In the event of a 5G signal failure, the system is also fully backwards compatible with 4G and 3G technology.

With the 5G onBoard Compact the boat turns into a professional Internet connectivity centre, thanks to the dedicated high-speed wireless network (Dual-band WiFi 5) and an ultra-fast wired network (LAN 1000 Mbps). All the new-generation electronic devices can be connected to the Internet network: chartplotters, radios, smart TVs, IP cameras, tablets, smartphones, etc. The 5G connection speed allows easy HD streaming on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, as well as music streaming services such as Spotify and many others.

Both the setup and the remote control of the system can be managed with a new user-friendly app available for iOS (Apple) and Android. Top speed performance and revolutionary installation method make the 5G onBoard Compact the most suitable and most convenient Internet connectivity system for boats on the market.

Also available in black color: 5G onBoard Compact Black



1 x 5G antenna dome
1 x  SIM Extender
2 x RJ45 Ethernet coupler
1 x User manual



Item 5G onBoard Compact (for Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Brazil)
Item 5G onBoard Compact (for USA, Canada)


Accessories and antenna mounts are sold separately. Please check the accessories list below for your reference with links to the product pages.



Item Description Page
PI-5 SIM card slot adapter for SIM injector Link
PA-83 Stainless steel rail mount Link
PA-40 Stainless steel marine mount Link


Additional documentation regarding the system can be downloaded following the links below.



User manual
Router technical specifications
Installation scheme