KS-60 / 10.14 Mojave Installation Guide

Step 1: Go to KS-60 web page and download the MAC OSX 10.14 driver

Step 2: Install the driver, click on “SCOUT_Wireless_Installer(Mojave).dmg” to unpack

Step 3: Click “Install_Mojave.pkg” to install the driver

Step 4: You might see this warning message, just click “OK”

* If you don’t see this message it means that you already allowed the unidentified driver developer, than you can skip to Step 7

Step 5: To allow the unidentified driver developer please go to Applications -> System Preferences and choose “Security & Privacy”

Step 6: click the locker icon to unlock and choose ”App Store and identified developers” and click ”Open Anyway” button to Open the install driver

Step 7: follow the instruction to install the driver

Step 8: After Restart go to “Security & Privacy” to allow the driver

Note: Please turn off internal Wi-Fi card in order to use the external Wi-Fi card

Step 9: By default the KS-60 is turned off, therefore please turn on the Wi-Fi to use it

The End: Enjoy your internet connection